Get all available users.
Best practise is to cache this information and reload the availableUsers periodically (for example: once a day).


HMAC calculation
apiKey + environment


Name Datatype Description
apiKey String Your public apiKey needs to be included in every request.
environment Enum "test" or "production"
HMACKey String The HMACKey is calculated based on the input fields.


Name Datatype Description
success Boolean Indicates if the request was successfully executed.
Array with the available users
Name Datatype
userId Integer
userName String
userAddress Array with streetName, houseNumber, postalCode, cityName, country.
userCoordinates Array with latitude, longitude
userPhoneNumber String
userWebsite String
userImages Array with logo (contains a link to the image, if available)
userTerms String (contains a link to the terms & conditions, if available)