This functionality is used to add contact information to a reservation.
Please add as many customer information as possible for support and aftersale purposes for the users (museums).


HMAC calculation
apiKey + customerAddressCity + customerAddressNumber + customerAddressPostalCode + customerAddressStreet + customerCountry + customerEmailAddress + customerFirstName + customerMiddleName + customerPhoneNumber + customerSurname + environment + reservationId + userId
Please note: optional fields only needs to be included when an optional field is used.


Name Datatype Description
apiKey String Your public apiKey needs to be included in every request.
environment Enum "test" or "production"
userId Integer The userId is a reference to the user (museum / attraction). The userId can be requested via getAvailableUsers and can be cached in your application.
reservationId Integer Include the reservationId from the createReservation request.
customerFirstName String First name of the customer.
customerMiddleName String (optional) Mostly used in Dutch names. For example: Vincent van Gogh
customerSurname String Surname of the customer.
customerEmailAddress String Email address of the customer.
customerPhoneNumber String (optional) Telephonenumber of the customer.
customerAddressStreet String (optional) Street address of the customer.
customerAddressNumber String (optional) Housenumber of the customer.
customerAddressPostalCode String (optional) Postal code of the customer.
customerAddressCity String (optional) City of the customer.
customerCountry String (optional) Country of the customer according to the ISO 3166-1 (2 letter country code).
HMACKey String The HMACKey is calculated based on the input fields.


Name Datatype Description
success Boolean Indicates if the request was successfully executed.